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Wrigley custom bathroom space new product conference "succe

  Accompanied by melodious singing, the guests also signed up to receive a gift voucher by the etiquette. The host Song Dandan entered the venue. At the same time, he also introduced the detailed information of Wrigley's custom bathroom. The audience was full of friends and everyone was enthusiastic about the event. Actively participating in this happy party, the scene is very lively!
  From 2:28 to 2:38, there is a wonderful saxophone performance, and the music is immersed in the scene, giving a baptism of music.
  Following the host Song Dandan debut, grandly introduced the guests present, the leaders who came to the scene during the busy schedule, they are the Red Star Meikailong Administrative District General Manager - Jiang Guodong, Chairman of Hefei Dongzheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. , Wrigley sanitary ware total marketing - Tang Yong, vice president of Hefei Building Decoration Association Design Branch - Liu Qianlong, Dean of Fengsu Design Institute - Li Yingwei, director of Lehua Group Wrigley Customized Bathroom Promotion Department Wu Naiping, Hefei Dongzheng General Manager of Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. - Lu Liping, bathroom director of Hefei Dongzheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. - Lin Feng. The audience expressed a grand welcome because of their arrival!

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